Thursday, February 17, 2011

15 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights: Seeing the babies on the last ultrasound was amazing. They had grown so much and look so "complete" but the best was watch one of them "jump" around. 
How Far Along: 15 weeks 
Size of baby: About the size of a Naval Orange. Avg Size: 4 inches, 2.5 oz
Total Weight Gained:  At my doctors appt 2 weeks ago, I had lost 9 lbs. *but by the looks of the would never believe it! 
Maternity Clothes: Scrubs pants and anything stretchy are my favorites! 
Gender: Yet to be determined. :)
Movement: Evidently, according to the ultrasounds and all the reading I've done, they are quite busy dancing around all day, however, I haven't felt it!
Sleep:  It's more like naps between frequent trips to the bathroom. 
What I miss: Being able to breathe, not just thru my nose, which hasn't happened in 15 weeks, but being able to take a deep breath. Especially after eating.. :(
Cravings: Mexican foods... Chips with cheese dip is the ONLY thing I really want to eat. I don't really want or am hungry for anything.
Aversions:  Anything Italian. This saddens my heart and soul deeply to admit that I am no longer eating Italian food. The smell of garlic is enough on its own to turn me away, but the shear thought of the repercussions of what tomato based sauces will do to my already angry stomach and esophagus makes me cringe. Also.. anything with Chili powder. Yep, pretty much a no go. 
Symptoms: ACID REFLUX, I'm not sure I was clear enough in the "aversions" above. Frequent urination. Really Itchy Skin. Acne.  "Baby Brain" (no comments, please). A few others that I will spare you. However, I would just like to mention, that if not already out there... there should definitely be a "Guide to Multiples Pregnancy" Not just any ole' "guide" with cute pictures of the babies in utero and the what to eat for growth development and to remember to take your prenatal vitamins stuff, we hear over and over.. I mean the 'Good' stuff that people NEVER tell you, unless, of course you are pregnant and you confide in your best friend and finally that's when THE TRUTH comes out (I honestly don't know what I'd do without SQ)! I don't know if it's because friends/family want to spare you the scary stuff or what? But come on people.. This is not for the faint of heart! And those who look at me, turn their head with this sympathetic look and say, "Aww, I loved being pregnant." Yeah- I didn't need to hear that! I'm not there yet, maybe I will be soon, but not yet. Don't get me wrong, I feel extremely blessed to be able to even carry a baby, much less two. It's just that no one ever described what this would be like, it all sounds rosy, cute and fun.. yeah, not so much... Well if my nursing career doesn't work out, and the bakery (that only exists in my dreams) falls thru, someday, just someday there might just be that book on the shelf , What to REALLY expect when you are expecting: Everything you've never wanted to know about pregnancy but everything you should-by Amy Bennett. I know you will each hold your breath waiting for that one!! 
Best Moment this week: My husband making me fondue.. TWICE this week. He's the best, I tell you! Love him!

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