Thursday, March 10, 2011

18 weeks

How Far Along:  18 weeks
Size of baby:  About the size of a sweet potato. Avg length: 5.6 in, Avg weight: 6.7 oz (at last weeks appt they were already 7 oz.... We can assume that they are probably a little larger than a sweet potato.. :)
Maternity Clothes: Went shopping this week for maternity clothes!!  For the record.. I'm still wearing my regular pants!! Whoo hoo!! Its difficult to decide how to buy maternity clothes.. my belly seems to grow so quickly the last couple of weeks. If I get something that fits, I'll be out of it in just a few weeks... If I buy something that's too big, I have to wait to wear it... blah... So.. We bought a little of both!
Movement:  Still no kicking. I can feel, and sometimes see, where they are thru my skin.. If I put my hand on them, they move..that's pretty awesome!!
Sleep:  SLEEP???  This past week has been rough! Getting in a comfortable position seems nearly impossible! Poor Jay.. I'm not sure he sleeps thru all the tossing and turning either.
What I miss: Sleep. My ankles. Being able to walk and not look like a waddling duck.
Symptoms: Swelling! My legs and ankles started swelling last Friday and it doesn't seem that is going to change until after the babies get here :(  It seems so early that I would start swelling, since most women do not experience this until the end of their pregnancy and I'm only about half way there. The sweet nurse at my doctor's office reassured me that this is really common in multiples. She explained that my uterus is already the size of a woman who is carrying a singleton towards the end of her pregnancy... I have recognized this, but did she really have to point out, aloud, that my belly is "that" big!!?? Ha. I just keep reminding myself that not only are there "2 babies in dare"-Cole, but that there is also an individual home for each of them... 2 amniotic sacs, 2 placentas plus the 2 babies!! This makes me feel better. At least temporarily :)

Evidently the size of the uterus adds to the congestion of blood flow to my legs, causing the swelling. Not much I can do to change this, but for comfort I can elevate my legs, ice my ankles and try not to sit or stand for long periods of time.
Baby Room Update: Getting closer to having construction completed on the baby room! The door and trim is up! Waiting for the drywall in the closet to be completed and then we can paint and put down floors!! Whoo Hoo!! I can hardly wait!!
Fun Things: The boys get to "meet" their aunt Ashley and Canter Grandparents this weekend! I haven't seen them since Christmas, and the babies were sooo tiny then (each the size of a piece of rice) You couldn't really tell I was pregnant... Now the babies can hear them talk and you can definitely tell I'm pregnant!! I can't wait!! Aunt Allison will see them this weekend too.. but she has already met them!! In fact, her exact words were, "Hi Guys, this is Allison... YOUR FAVORITE AUNT".. shhhh.. don't tell Ashley! :)

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  1. So exciting! I can't believe you are not in maternity clothes...carrying twins. You are doing fantastic. Rest...nap...anytime! You need it!
    Let everyone wait on the Queen Bee. (Your Mom should be able to relate to that name.):D

    Love the posts!