Friday, April 22, 2011

24 weeks

Our Baby Boys at 24 weeks!!

How Far Along: 24 weeks
Size of baby: Twin A is 1 lb 11 oz and Twin B is 1lb 10oz
Movement: Kicking, kicking and more kicking!! They are both very active, mostly during the day! I'm hoping this is a sign that they know its daytime and that at nighttime we sleep!! Hopefully, they will continue this "pattern"  after they are born!! 
This week:
The last couple of weeks I have noticed such a huge difference in the frequency of movement from the babies. It makes it so much more 'real'. Obviously, the multiple ultrasounds (no pun intended), the ever-expanding waist-line, nausea/vomiting, swelling, and other pregnancy symptoms (some that do not need to be mentioned) are all "real".. but the feeling of a little baby, or two in my case, moving around inside of you, is incredible and so overwhelming! I don't think that I have completely wrapped my head around that we are having a baby, much less having TWO! 
If you have read my blog this far, you know that Jay and I wanted to expand our family so much and after so much difficulty, we are being blessed with TWO!! It just is so hard to believe that it is really happening!! I have no idea what we are in for! I guess the phrase, "ignorance is bliss" would be appropriate! 
 I know little about what it actually takes to be a parent; I don't know what it will be like to get up in the middle of the night and take care of crying/hungry babies, not sleeping or showering for days, changing hundreds of diapers a week, how to manage being a good wife and good mom at the same time, etc. 
I have had friends, family, and complete strangers all offer advice on how to do all of these things... 
"sleep when the babies sleep, feed the babies at the same time so they are on the same schedule, go on date night with your husband once a week, have friends and family come over and hold the babies so you can shower" Most of the advice is great and I will do the best I can as I figure out what it takes to be a parent. 
I pray each day that as I learn what it takes to become a parent, I don't miss the most important part, which is what it means to be a parent...

"Behold, Children are a gift of the Lord; the fruit of the womb" Psalms 127:3

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Week 22

How Far Along: 22 weeks
Size of baby:
Total Weight Gained:
Ok.. this is probably the LAST posting on the weight, but I have gained a total of 16 lbs. My doctor says this is good and that I haven't gained too much. I freaked out when I heard this, but she always kindly reminds me that I am carrying twins! She would like to see me gain 1-2 lbs/week until the end of the pregnancy.
Maternity Clothes: Still can wear some of my pre-pregnancy pants, but shirts are a different story! My belly demands maternity clothes at this point!
Gender: Boys
Names: Everyone has been asking about names... well, we do have first names picked out.. but they will remain a secret! We are still working on middle names... stay tuned!!
Movement: They are kicking!! I've waited and waited to feel that first "kick" and I finally felt it, followed by many more!! You'll never guess which baby kicked first... BABY A!!! Yes, the "laid back" baby, or so we thought!! I think he's getting his brother back for all the moving/pushing around he's been doing in the last couple of months!!
The kicking sensation is pretty amazing. They aren't quite strong enough for it to hurt, just yet, so it feels more like a "thump". Most of the time, it's not just a random kick, it seems that they have a purpose... For example, I've been trying to sleep on my side to help reduce my swelling, which means that both babies end up on that same side when I wake up. I can assume that if you are pregnant and there is just one baby, that the baby probably isn't bothered by this very much at all.  However with two, they are kinda piled up on each other and probably rather uncomfortable. So, in the mornings when I wake up and roll to my back, Jay and I can visibly see both babies move to their opposite "corners" and this is when the kicking begins.... I'm not sure if this is just very intense, competitive swimming that they are practicing, or if they are "helping" (kicking) each other back to their own, designated areas!! Either way, its super exciting to feel that "kick" I've been anticipating so much!
Sleep: Sleep is a little better.. I have actually had a night or two that I slept completely thru the night without even one potty break! Yes, that is excitement you hear.. crazy as it sounds, those might possibly be the only nights since becoming pregnant, and possibly for the next 15-20 years of my life, that I have/will experience uninterrupted sleep!
What I miss: I'm getting more used to "the belly" but it sure does make things a little more challenging, like putting on shoes, getting clothes out of the washer (if I had that front loader washer to match my dryer, it might be easier to wash clothes..bahahaha!! Jay, wink wink!! j/k) Basically anything that requires "bending" is not being done from this point further.
Cravings: Still Dr. Pepper BUT, b/c of my swelling, I'm not allowed to enjoy this craving as often as I would like.
Best Moment this week:  There have been several things this week... We painted and put down hardwood floors in the babies room and the upstairs hallway. The new light fixture for the nursery has been installed and its beautiful! My sweet hubby and I also celebrated our 2nd Anniversary!! I can't believe its been two years already!! I guess its true that time flies when you are having fun! I love Jay so much and I'm so blessed to have him! He is going to be an amazing dad to our two little guys!!