Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Week 33 Another eventful week... to say the least!

Last Monday was the start of our twice weekly visits to the doctor for BPPs (Biophysical Profile). BPPs consist of testing to monitor the babies during the last few weeks of pregnancy and include an ultrasound and non-stress test.  During the ultrasound, there are several things that they look for to determine overall health of the babies, but one thing that they really look for is movement of the baby over a certain amount of time. For my test, they like to see the babies move at least once every 30 minutes. Well, Baby B, for whatever reason, did not move during the 30 minutes allowed. He had a wonderful heart rate and at one point, we could see him practice his breathing, but as far as movement goes, there was very little, if any. The ultrasound tech had me drink something sugary, walk around and then we tried the ultrasound again to see if maybe this would get him moving... it didn't. We did another 30 minute ultrasound and he still wasn't moving around. This was terrifying!! The radiologist called my MD and sent me to the hospital for further testing. We got to the hospital and they put me one the fetal monitor and said that he looked wonderful on the monitor, but wanted to keep me over night for observation. Thank goodness we had an uneventful night and a repeat ultrasound on Tuesday showed that Baby B was doing great.  There really was no explanation as to why Baby B wasn't moving around during the first ultrasound, but we were so very relieved that the second ultrasound went so well!!
Tuesday evening, after discharge from the hospital,  I noticed a few "Braxton Hicks"  which I attributed to stress, maybe need for extra hydration and lack of rest from the previous days events. On Wednesday, I felt a few more "Braxton Hicks" but nothing I was too worried about, it was more like a little tightening across my abdomen and lower back, but resting seemed to help. Well, at about 1:30am on Thursday morning, I woke up with lower back pain and contractions, which were about 10-12 minutes apart. We had an appointment scheduled for Thursday afternoon and honestly, the contractions weren't too painful, just uncomfortable, so I thought we would wait until the appointment to tell the doctor about it, but then we decided to go ahead and call to see if they would want to see us any earlier.. Of course, they did! We went straight to the doctor and after monitoring the contractions, they admitted me to the hospital with preterm labor. For those of you keeping score, yes, that's twice in one week at the hospital.. fun fun! 
The initial plan for the admission was to monitor the contractions and start oral medication to help relax the uterus and calm the contractions. My doctor also wanted to give me a round of steroid injections, 24 hours apart, to help the babies' lungs mature, in case these contractions did lead to delivery. After 3 nights in the hospitals and a nice cocktail of medications (Procardia, Indocin, and Magnesium) to stop labor, we were able to come home on Sunday.
We saw the doctor again yesterday and had another ultrasound. Baby A is approximately 5 lbs 5 oz and Baby B is 4 lbs 12 oz. I'm still having contractions and I'm extremely uncomfortable, but we are hopeful, the babies will wait until at least 34 weeks to make their debut, which is tomorrow! The doctor says that if I go into labor from this point on, she will not try to stop it again and we will get to meet our babies!! Please keep us in your prayers! We really are excited about our little guys arrival, but we also know that each day they get to spend in the womb is another day they can grow stronger!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Week 32

WoW!! I can't believe that I'm this far behind on my blog!! Things have been so busy these last few weeks that the blog has been neglected... So let's get caught up!

How Far Along: This week marks 32 weeks!! Whoo Hoo!! Last week of the 7th month...SO, only a few weeks left...
Size of baby:

Fun Facts about this month's development:  All five senses are finally functional, and the brain and nervous system are going through major developments. Sleep Cycles are being established..  I would love to brag, that at this time, my little guys are sleeping thru the night and there is very minimal kicking/waking me up!! Let's just keep our fingers crossed, that this continues when they arrive!! ;)
Movement: Our little guys move around so much and it is still one of the most amazing feelings ever! Feeling their little kicks and hiccups is well worth everything we have been thru to make it to this point! I do think they are running out of room in there!! They are growing so fast and honestly, although my belly looks big, it really doesn't feel large enough to be providing accommodations for two!
Symptoms:  We found out a few weeks ago that I have gestational diabetes.  The placenta, or in my case, 2 placentas, are keeping my body from being able to produce insulin. Insulin is made by the body to break down sugar and carbohydrates turn into sugar. I am a carb junkie!! I LOVE carbs and sweets, so when I found out, it was very upsetting to try and find foods that I could eat. I did meet with a dietitian that came up with a meal plan for me that specifically states how many carbs I can have at each meal. The great things is, the amount of carbs she allows me, is far greater than I had originally thought, and most days I struggle to even meet the amount she suggested! So, I do get to eat most of the same foods as before, in moderation, and I have cut out most all sweets (except for CarbSmart Ice Cream and fruits)! I check my blood sugar four times a day and count carbs, it isn't the most fun, but I realized that there is not much you won't do for your babies!
Cravings:  Strawberries!!
Best Moments in the last few weeks: In the last few weeks, we have been blessed with family, friends and work baby showers! These babies are already soooo loved and everyone has been so generous with their time, energy and gifts!! We can't wait for our little guys to be here and to meet everyone!

*Starting this week our doctor appts will be twice a week. Each week we will have an ultrasound and a non-stress test. This will monitor the babies over the last few weeks in utero for any signs of distress  and will help the doctors decide exactly when we need to deliver. Please continue to pray that the babies are growing a steady pace, not too much or too little. Twin pregnancies can be complicated by so many different things and we are extremely blessed to have made it to 32 weeks! We would love a few more weeks of growth before they make their debut!