Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Photo Gene

Is it really possible that my baby boys will be 4 months old in only 12 days!!??  Surely not!! Where did the last 4 months go?? When I was pregnant I wished time away so I could meet these precious little ones, and now, I want time to s-l-o-w down! I feel like I blink and they are another week older! How does that happen??
They have changed so much over the last 3 1/2 months, it unbelievable, and I'm trying to capture most, if not all, of it on film! That's right, as far as Parker and Hayes know, I'm the paparazzi! I could take pictures all day of these kids, and sometime I do!! My sisters get a picture sent to them almost every day, and if they don't, I get a text message asking why there's not a "photo of the day".  My iPhone already has 500 photos of the boys and the camera has gone thru 2 memory cards!! A little much? Maybe, but I am determined to show our little guys just how much we love them!
Growing up, my Bebe (my mom's mom) always had a camera right there snapping pictures at the best and sometimes, what I thought were, the worst at Thanksgiving dinner with a mouth full of food, and honestly sometimes it annoyed me to death (sorry, Bebe). BUT, now I realize exactly why she always had her camera on and ready.. she loved us and didn't want to miss a thing! Recently, I wanted to see my baby pictures to compare to my boys and guess where I had to go to find them? That's right, the photo album that Bebe made!! She has kept the walls of her home, albums, and her refrigerator adorned with photos of her grandbabies.  Anyone that knows her, knows just how much she adores her grandchildren and how much she enjoys showing off pictures of us!
Well, I have been struck by the "Bebe photo gene" and I'm not complaining at all! Actually, I'm very grateful to know how much I was loved and that's EXACTLY what I want my boys to know! So, does it really matter that my boys think that their mom has a camera attached to one hand and an iPhone (for picture taking if course and the occasional look at in the other? The answer is NO!! Soon enough, they will be annoyed with my picture taking and request that I not take as many, or at least not take any in front of their friends. But, one day, they will be all grown up and want to look back at pictures of when they were little and I will be the happiest little momma ever to dust off the photo albums for a look-see!

*Disclaimer: I know that my parents and the other grandchildren's parents took pictures of us/them... but if we are all very honest, we all knew that no matter where we went, if Bebe was with us, there was no reason to take a camera, because she always had hers!! I love that she caught so many memories on film!! Thank you Bebe for taking so many pictures of me when I was little-you're the best! "I love you more!"

Bebe with Hayes

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