Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our First Trip to the Emergency Room

Yesterday was our first big boo-boo! Hayes did a swan-dive from his high chair to the floor, head first! It was so terrifying! He had a laceration to his head very close to his "soft-spot", a few abrasions on his head and a couple big bumps.
After a loooong ER visit and a couple staples, we were all exhausted and headed home!
Hayes was such a tough little guy and was a great patient!

 On the way to the ER
Such a brave little guy in the CT Scanner

 Playing in the crib with numbing medicine on his head, prior to the staples
 Big Tears=Sad Mommy
 Two Staples
Waiting on the car after discharge. Hayes finally got a bottle and he was so happy.

Parker stayed home with wonderful friends while we took Hayes to the hospital! Thank you, Dida, Susie, Cole, Ryan, Lori and Lainey! Parker was taken great care of until MawMaw and PawPaw could get here from Illinois.

Hayes had his staples taken out 10 days later... here's a picture of what the staple remover and the staples!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pretty Flowers, Funny Pictures!

This weekend was so beautiful and the tulips are in full bloom! We went to see the tulip gardens at Centennial Park and tried to get a few pictures of Hayes & Parker. If you have ever taken pictures of 8.5 month olds, you know this can be challenging, then throw in that there are TWO 8.5 month olds and you realize quickly, you have your work cut out for you! Every time one looks at the camera, the other looks away! We were able to get a few cute pictures, but the boys mostly enjoyed the dirt! The had it everywhere, under their nails, in the hair, covering their toes and in their mouth!! 

Hayes wasn't sure what to think about the concrete under his little toes!

My Sweet Boys and Me!

First Bike Ride with Daddy

The Boys went on their first bike ride with Daddy on Saturday, March 24. They had so much fun! I wish that I had video of them because Jay said they laughed and cooed the entire time! 
Maybe I'll get video next time :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Our First Happy Meal!

That's right, we introduced the infamous MickeyD's to the boys this past weekend... 
They loved Ronald McD and his food; A Happy Meal with a plain cheeseburger & fries!

Happy Boys after their first Happy Meal. 

The fun never stops

 Reading books during playtime

Preparing for his video conference with PaPa, Beama and Aunt Alli

A busy little guy, he is. Always on the move!

In the Mini-Cooper, cruisin' with the top down

The Monkey at Maffiosa's 

Chuy's: First Mexican Rice and Beans. Yummy!


Parker and his new tool set like Daddy's

What we did on a rainy day... Opened the door and watched it rain. They were in awe! It was so precious to tell them about how God makes and uses the rain. They listened to every word and seemed to love the rain as much as their mommy does!

Hayes has Teeth!

Hayes cut his first tooth and within a week, the second started popping through! Yay Hayes!

First Jeep Ride

Hayes "driving" Daddy's Jeep

Parker's turn to "drive"

A Walk in the Park- 8 Months

Parker & Hayes sitting in the Hippo's mouth. 

Playing with the Dinosaurs

Hayes and Daddy

Hayes with Mommy, Parker with Daddy

Beama, Mommy and boys feeding the ducks.
(Thanks Daddy for being the photographer)

Hayes and Parker (Parker wanted to see what was under the Hippo's tongue)

Beama, Hayes & Parker

Mommy, Daddy and boys

Beama and Boys