Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pretty Flowers, Funny Pictures!

This weekend was so beautiful and the tulips are in full bloom! We went to see the tulip gardens at Centennial Park and tried to get a few pictures of Hayes & Parker. If you have ever taken pictures of 8.5 month olds, you know this can be challenging, then throw in that there are TWO 8.5 month olds and you realize quickly, you have your work cut out for you! Every time one looks at the camera, the other looks away! We were able to get a few cute pictures, but the boys mostly enjoyed the dirt! The had it everywhere, under their nails, in the hair, covering their toes and in their mouth!! 

Hayes wasn't sure what to think about the concrete under his little toes!

My Sweet Boys and Me!

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  1. Love the green checkered outfits! And the pics on the stairs are awesome (as are all of the pics, actually...but I really really like the step ones). :)