Monday, March 26, 2012

"Yes, They are twins"

Having multiples definitively attracts a lot of attention in public and nearly impossible to go anywhere without turning heads and lots of questions :).  It's amazing the questions that are asked and the comments that complete strangers make! Here are a few of my favorites and things I've wanted, or did, say:

Are they twins?     "um...... Nope, one's mine, one's my husbands..."
Are they identical or fraternal? They don't look alike.  "I think you just answered you own question."
I actually had one person ask if they were Paternal.. "Um, Paternal, not yet, maybe one day??!!"  
How do you tell them apart? (Yes, this has even been asked by the same people who said, "they look nothing alike")  "We label them," "I get them mixed up all the time," "One has blonde hair, the other has brown"
Oh! They look sooo different. "Yes, they are twins...not clones"
Do twins run in your family?  "Yes"
Are they Natural? "No, they are synthetic"---This is an attempt for a complete stranger to ask me if I had fertility treatments... Not that it's any of their business, or matters in anyway, but "Yes, we had help with  fertility to conceive a baby and were blessed with two"
Were you planning on having twins? "You can do that?, " "How do you plan for twins?"
Are you breastfeeding? "Why? Are you thirsty?"
You can be done [having children] now. "Thanks for deciding that for me."  "I'm trying for triplets next."
Which is the better/sweeter baby? "Seriously? Did you just ask that?" "Which ever one is not crying at the moment"
Do they wake each other up at night? "No, but they wake us up," "Sometimes"
Which one is older? "They are twins. They are the same age"
Double Trouble. "Double Blessings"
A young woman walked up to me in a store, put her hand on my shoulder and said, I just want you to know that I'm praying for you. When I asked her why, she said, Because you are going to have a rough time with those things. I looked at her in disbelief, did I really just hear what she said and did she really call my babies 'things'? I just smiled and she walked away. When I told my husband what she said, he jokingly said he was surprised my response wasn't,  "Why? You should be praying that I don't punch you right here!" LOL
Better you than me! "Yes, I'm very glad it's me instead of you"
Thank God it you and not me. "Yes, I thank Him everyday for that too."
How do you do it? "Very nicely, Thank you." 
Having kids a year a part is harder than having twins. "Really? Have you carried two babies and delivered two babies at one time? Have you brought home two babies at the same time from the hospital? Did you have two newborns at the same time? I don't really think you can compare the two."

During Pregnancy:
You are huge! I wasn't that big with my babies. "That's wonderful, I am carrying two babies and I've only gained 35 pounds my entire pregnancy. How much did you gain?' If I was lucky, this would be the end of the conversation because the people who asked this question gained WAY more than 35 pounds! 
You are as big a house! Guuurl, Are you having twins? (This asked from a drive-thru cashier) "Yes. However, if I wasn't, you completely just said the worst thing you could ever say to a pregnant woman!"
How much weight have you gained? "How much weight have you gained?"
Do you have stretch marks? "Why? Are you wanting to see them?"

**This is just a very tiny list of all the crazy questions we hear. We just smile and laugh, if we didn't, we would never be able to go in public again! Heeheee
Disclaimer: These are questions/comments made by complete strangers to us regarding our little guys... 

My husband ran across this video while I was pregnant and we never thought people would be like this.. but some so are!! 

I'll make this a continuous post... as the questions keep coming, I'll keep posting!! :)

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