Monday, April 16, 2012

Beep, Beep, Jeep, Jeep

Look at those sweet smiles that appeared on their sweet faces "driving" a jeep! 
This photo is quite deceiving.. The boys appear waaaay bigger than they are.. their sweet little feet are nowhere close to the floorboard, but man did they love it... and so did their daddy!

I'm pretty sure the exact second we found out we were having boys,  Jay decided his jeep would one day be theirs! Jay loves his jeep and had eagerly awaited the day we would take them for a ride. In a few posts back, I blogged about that jeep ride! It was a BIG day for one proud daddy!
The very first book that we bought for them was Sheep in a Jeep.
I tell you, the love for jeeps around here is something else... LOL

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