Tuesday, May 8, 2012

9 months

Development at 9 months
Parker: 19.4 lbs (41 %),  27 1/2 inches (14%)
 Hayes: 17.14 lbs (18 %), 27 1/2 inches (14%)
Feeding: Drinking formula from sippy cups and cups with straws. Feeding self with fingers.
Every once in a while, they get juice. I'm not a juice fan, due to the sugars, so I cut it with lots of water!
They eat mostly table foods. Grilled Cheese, Scrambled Eggs, ANY Fruit and ANY Vegetables (They are definitely my kids, I LOVE veggies!). Mac and Cheese, Hot Dogs (skinned, of course), Hamburgers, any meal with Chicken, Spaghetti, Lasagna, Manicotti, Rice and Beans from the Mexican Restaurant. Oh, and they could eat their weight in biscuits!!

Bedtime Routine: Bath, Nighttime clothes, Bottle, then Bed
They are sleeping from 8:30 - 8 am each night and NOT waking at all during the night

Motor Skills:  Both continue to pull up on furniture, stand holding onto furniture
Hayes can let go of furniture and remain standing.

Language: Both boys say "dada"; Parker says "mama"

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