Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Duo Splash Float

This spring, as I was looking forward to summer weather and the pool, I started looking for a pool float that would accommodate both babies.  I looked at all of the large baby department stores and came up empty handed. I scoured the web in hopes of finding one... my search found a random mom blog, like mine, that had a dual float by Duo Splash Floats LLC. It said it was a brand new product that it would be on the market this summer!! I plugged Duo Splash into the search engine and found the owners' email address. I sent her an email and told her how excited I was to see this product! I asked if she would kindly send me a float in exchange for a review. After looking at my blog, she emailed back and said one would be shipped out the end of MAY!!! I was so happy to hear this!! First of all, I was over the moon to find a float that both the babies could be in at the same time. Second, I was going to be the proud owner of one. Third, I was going to get one in exchange for a blog entry, which I loooove doing!!!

This float for two is wonderful for Parker & Hayes. It was super easy to inflate using a small air pump and the good size to carry to and from the pool.  It has two spacious seats that face each other, so the boys are able to play and share their toys. They love the bright colors, 1 2 3s and ABCs, as well as the animal graphics on the float. Being able to have both babies in the same float is so much easier than holding on to two separate floats! 

The owner, Tanya, is fabulous! She is prompt to return emails and willing to help answer any questions/concerns regarding the float and safety of her product. If you have questions regarding The Duo Splash, contact Tanya at

I'm very pleased to be the owner of The Duo Splash by Duo Splash Floats LLC. 
Please visit Duo Splash Floats to order yours TODAY!! 

**The safety precautions from Duo Splash Floats LLC: The safety of our children is an absolute must! Please read and follow all warning label instructions. Two adult swimmers should be present at all times when the float is in use with two kids. Kids who are teething may try to bite the float and puncture the float so special care should be taken with children who are teething.

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