Thursday, June 21, 2012

The year you were born...

Groceries in 2011:
Cost of Milk:  2.79/gallon
Cost of Bread: 2.50/loaf
Cost of Gas: 3.49

Top Song of 2011:
(and number 1 on charts the day you were born)
Rolling in the Deep by Adele

Top Ten New Stories of 2011 from

Popular Technology of 2011:
Apple was ranked Number 1 by Fortune Magazine in 2011 as the World's Most Admired Company.
 In 2011, Apple made and sold 70 million iPhones, 30 million iPads, and 59 million other products
Apple’s profit per employee was $400,000.

iPhone 4S Cost: $199-$399

iPad & Steve Jobs

Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs, died October 6, 2011 of pancreatic cancer. Apple called him a "visionary and creative genius". 
In 1986, Jobs purchased Pixar, the computer graphics division of Lucasfilm's. Pixar went on to make movies such as Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, Monster's Inc, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles,          Cars, Ratatouille, Wall-E, Up, and Toy Story 3. 


Home 3D Televisions
Starting at $600

XBoc 360 was the top-selling game console of 2011
Starting at $399

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