Tuesday, July 17, 2012

First Trip to the ZOO

Aunt Ashley and Uncle Olly were in town and we spent the day running around Nashville making the most of our time with them! We had Loveless for lunch, zoo for fun, and Chuy's dinner.
I love the Zoo!! I think since P&H were like a month old, I have been telling Jay that I couldn't wait to take them to the zoo. I know that they are waaayyy too little to remember their first trip to the zoo, but we took lots of pictures to show them one day. And, since they won't remember this time, I will just have to take them back! Did I mention that I love the zoo?
(Also, before you judge... we were caught in an afternoon thunderstorm while at the zoo... hence, the hair...)

The boys seemed to really enjoy the fish and the goats. I guess we either need to buy a farm or an aquarium. Hehe.. 
Parker called every animal a "dog", growled and patted his leg (the sign for dog). 
We weren't able to get good pictures with the Elephants, Giraffes, Monkeys because they were a little too far in the fields. Maybe next time!

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