Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I love Christmas. I love knowing that God sent His son, Jesus, to Earth for me. I love celebrating His birth. I love the joy and the peace that comes with the season.
 I love the smell of Christmas trees, the beautiful lights, Christmas music and the extra special time with family.  
This year was even more exciting with two little boys in the mix. It's so fun to see everyday life thru their eyes, but even more so at Christmas.  Driving around to look at Christmas lights, visiting Santa, singing Christmas songs, reading Christmas stories and of course the excitement of Christmas morning are all so much more fun with them!
Here is a little of what we did during our Christmas holiday...

The boys also went with Beama and Papa to see Santa

Jay's parents were able to come down before Christmas and spending a few days with us. While they were here, we took the boys to see the lights at Opryland. My parents and sister, who were already in town, went as well-it was a family event! 

While we were at the hotel, the boys met some very special guests who were visiting Opryland for Christmas...
Alex and The Penguins from Madagascar, Shrek and Gingy, Po from Kung Fu Panda.
This might have been the boys' best day of their little lives thus far! They were in heaven to meet all the characters, but especially Alex! They just love Madagascar!!

The "I like to move it, move it" concert was the highlight of the adventure! Anytime that song comes on they stop and dance, this time was no different! They were dancing in the aisles and even got to go up on stage and dance! 
 What a fun day!

Here's our little family photo... what it takes to get a picture with twins :)

Christmas morning was filled with lots of Joy and big smiles by little guys! Santa must have known they had been very good little boys this year and rewarded them greatly! 

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