Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall 2013

There is something about Fall, the changing leaves, the crisper, cooler air that endearing. It's always a little sad to see Summer go, but I'm always ready for Fall.
With fall comes trips to pumpkin patches, pumpkin carving, costumes and Halloween.
My sisters were able to both be here in October and we took a little family field trip to a pumpkin patch complete with farm animals.



Below is Parks picking out his Pumpkin

The day before Halloween is also a really fun day. It's Jay's birthday!! We used to have costume parties to celebrate his birthday and Halloween together. Now that we have kiddos we haven't hosted our costume party in a couple of years, but we still find a way to celebrate his birthday. This year, we had friends over and ate a little cake.

 Amelia's Cakery
A little cake I made for my sweet hubby!! 
Happy Birthday, Jay!! I Love you!

Halloween 2013

We had ordered Buzz and Woody costumes that were intended to only be to play dress up. The boys loved them so much that we decided to let them wear them for Halloween. 
"You're My Favorite Deputy"                         "Buzz Lightyear, at your service"

Yes, Parker is kissing "Buzz"... that's how much he loved his costume!!

Not sure Hayes was too excited about being Buzz.


We took the boys to Trick or Treating on the Square and the local News station was there. 
It was so cute to see that they made the evening news!! Look how cute they are!!!  
This was actually the second time they made the news in one week! They had their television debut earlier that week--that's another blog. 

Here's a look back at Last Halloween when the boys were Goose and Maverick.
Complete with a wagon turned fighter jet.

Monday, October 21, 2013

First Trip to the Dentist

Today we took the boys to their first dentist appointment. We were the first appointment of the day and the only ones there. I can usually take the boys to do most things by myself, but decided to enlist Beama for a little extra help. The office had super cool "under the sea" type murals on the walls that the boys loved. 
 After filling out new patient paperwork for both boys, it was time to meet the dentist. 
Hayes went first and he wasn't too sure about it. He sat in my lap and laid his head in the dentist's lap for his cleaning. 
I guess after watching Hayes, Parker knew exactly what to expect and he climbed right up in the chair and put the sunglasses on! 

Parker during his cleaning. 
Parker after his cleaning. 
Hayes after his cleaning. Still a little unsure of what just happened. 

I was so proud that they were so brave! They each got a bag full of goodies (new toothbrush/toothpaste) from the dentist. 
After the dentist, I had to deliver a cake to VCH and when we pulled up in front of the hospital we found such a surprise.
                                                 Super Hero Window Washers                                                                     
Parker got to meet Superman and have his picture taken. Hayes was asleep in the car. We did wake him up and get him out to see it for a second, but Superman was being interviewed by the news station by then.  It was really cool to see that these guys would dress up like superheroes to put a smile on the sick little ones' faces! I mean, can you imagine?? What if you were a sick kiddo and looked out your hospital window and saw this?? How excited would you be?! 
"Superman" told us that they had no idea until that morning that they would be doing this. He said he had been washing windows for 20 years and had never done this before.  They showed up for work that morning and his boss gave them all costumes! How cool is that?? 
I know we enjoyed it and I'm pretty sure they made those little patients' day!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Planes, the movie

We took the boys to their first movie, Planes, and they did pretty good. I had packed away some of their favorite snacks and we let them drink some of our soda. They sat still for about the first forty-five minutes of the movie and then they wanted to get up and roam around a little. Pretty sure the soda had kicked in by then!  :)  Luckily, the theater was not crowded and they weren't too disruptive. We allowed them to wander a little bit, until the wandering turned into running and playing on the floor and we called it a day. Overall, I think they enjoyed their first trip to the movies! 

Photo by Beama :) She was in town and got to go with us! 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kolcraft's MLB Step Stool

Kolcraft joins the Major League!! This past spring, Kolcraft teamed up with MLB to bring some of the coolest baby gear to their tiniest fans. The new line of products feature strollers, potty seats and step stools. When I heard of that they were going to carry a St. Louis Cardinals step stool, I knew we had to own it! My husband is a huge Cardinals fan, so introducing the boys early is a must! 

The stool is amazing! It ships ready for use and that's exactly what the boys did. They immediately started climbing on it and carrying it around. It's made of very sturdy plastic, has textured steps that help prevent slipping, and anti-skid grippers on the bottom feet. It is light weight and the boys are able to pick it up and move it to where they need to use it without any trouble. Not only does it function great, it is so adorable. From the Cardinals logo to the top stair which looks like home plate, it's perfect!

The MLB step stool is a must-have to help reach the sink for brushing teeth or washing hands and even to help reach an adult toilet.  You can own your MLB Step Stool for just $19.99. Not a Cardinals fan? That's ok! They also have the following teams: Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers.
Make sure to check out Kolcraft's other awesome baby products while you are there!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Graduation Day

After 12 years of teaching, my husband made a huge decision to go back to school to obtain his M. Ed. in Instructional Leadership. 
This degree is to help educators enhance their leadership goals outside of the classroom, such as an Assistant Principal or Principal.
  A year of many hours after working long days, after kids bedtimes and weekends hours put in, and never once complaining, he reached his goal! 
Happy Graduation Day!

 On the way to Graduation (couple hours away)

I hate that this is blurry, but here he is accepting his diploma.

 Taking notes during the ceremony.
 Daddy and his boys.

Trying on daddy's cap. 

Jay's parents, brothers and their families. 
He was so touched they were all there!

Congrats Jay! We are so proud!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday P&H!

Happy Birthday, Parker & Hayes!!! You are 2!!!

My sweet little bears turned two and I can't believe it! Where did the last two years go? I know I have said this before, but it seems like time just flies by. They are the most amazing little people. Ever. They are so much fun and so have such a sense of humor. They make me laugh everyday. They have the biggest personalities, are so sweet, and have hearts that are so full of love. I am so lucky to be their mom! They are pretty lucky little guys too, because they have so many people that love and care about them. We spent their birthday with family celebrating birthday pancakes, birthday presents, a quick trip to the pool to show off their swimming skills and, their favorite, spaghetti dinner.

 The following day was "party day". 
Trying to plan a birthday party for two incredibly special, two year old boys is quite the undertaking but oh so much fun! What theme? What foods? What cake? What would they love? I understand that they will never remember their second birthday party and what the theme was, what food was served,  or what the cake looked and that is perfectly fine with me. One day they can look back at the blog and all the photos and see what we did. But that's one day. This day, the day of their birth two years later is a about them. It's about them having fun and spending time with their family and friends. It's the excitement on their face when they see the cake that their Momma, Daddy, aunts, uncles and Poppa helped to create. It's about them. It's about the blessings that they have been to our family. It's about the love that will surround them on their special day and all the days to come. That's why we celebrate. We celebrate them. 

When trying to decide on what "theme" for the boys' second birthday, I wanted to pick something that they would recognize and be excited over. They really love Madagascar movies and it was also the first movie they really ever Madagascar theme it was! I looked all over for invites and none would fit the bill, until I found Jen over at Swatches 'n' Hues. Her invitations are like no other. She is absolutely fabulous to work with and so stinkin' creative. She had made a Madagascar invitation previously that I had fallen in love with, so she recreated something similar. Oh, did I mention that Jen lives in the Philippines??! That was an interesting order, but the invites turned out awesome!! With the help of P&H's Aunt Lala, the invites were custom designed just for them. (I told you these kids are super super loved!)
I'm not sure you can tell from the photo, but the invites arrive in the "crate" and slide out thru the top and bottom with the event details. On the back was an adorable pic of the boys in a box and a map to the party :)  
Once the theme and invites were picked out it was on to cake design and food. We decided to go easy-peasy and grill out mini hamburgers and hot dogs (both favorites of our guys). Since I'm a baker, the cake was on me. I wanted it to be something that, again, they would look at and recognize the characters on it. They will never know what a group effort that cake became... Uncle Oz and Uncle Josh colored fondant, Aunt Lala and Aunt Ally painted wood grain and helped with each Madagascar character, Poppa and Dad helped with the structure. The look on their face when they saw the cake was priceless and that's why we do all we do. 
 P with PawPaw and H with Momma
(Beama hiding in background)

Daddy, H, P, and Momma
 Poppa and Beama
 PawPaw and MawMaw
 P playing with their workbench and tools from Great-aunt Denise
 H playing with the train table from Poppa and Beama for their birthday
Playing in the trampoline from MawMaw and PawPaw
Uncle Josh and Aunt Ally, Great-Grandma Jenny in pink
Aunt Lala and H

Daddy the "Grill Master"
Happy Birthday, P&H

Parks finished his and went for brothers cupcake
Great-Grandmother "BeBe"

Boys in their new ride from "Bebe" and "Bop" 
It had been raining most of the day and was unseasonably cool. However, the rain stopped just long enough to let the boys and their friends try out their new jeep.
They are the cutest. Ever. 

Happy SECOND Birthday, Parker & Hayes!! Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back!  

Photography Credit: Valerie Henderson Photography
Cake, Cake Pops, Cupcakes: Amelia'a Cakery (aka P&H's Mom)
Invitations: Swatches 'n' Hues