Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Photo Session

When I saw that Pink Heart Photography was having Easter Mini-Sessions, I knew we had to sign-up! We have done a few professional photo sessions with the boys for birthdays, birthday parties, Mother's Day and Christmas photos. Those sessions have always run smoothly...well, as smoothly as a photo shoot with twin boys can go :) Anyway, those were a little longer and usually I have a help with the boys. I was a little more nervous this time because it was going to be a much shorter session and I was not going to have any help this time during the shoot. My boys are super sweet, loving boys, but they are boys. They are explorers and can be a bit, shall we say, rowdy, when they are in a new place. They have to check out everything, say "what's that" roughly 1,796 times and touch everything in arms reach. I'm fairly sure that 87% of the toddler boy population does this EXACT same thing--or at least that's what I tell myself to make it thru the day! Soooo, multiply that by two and this is my life. It's a beautiful life and I wouldn't change it, however events like this must be planned out a little differently... like, the boys showed up in their undershirts, pants and shoes--not their button down shirts. If you notice, they have white shirts on in the photos, and I had high hopes they would remain white for the photo! Even the simple task of "walk straight to the car" has a probability rate of 100% that their shirts will become filthy. The sidewalk from our front door that leads directly to the car is NOT their preferred directional choice. They prefer to run straight from the front door to the sidewalk on the street, taking a sharp right turn at mail box before circling the car two, maybe three times, all the while making "wace (race) car" noises. 
Knowing this, I chose to carry the white shirts and dress them once we arrived. Yes, I know that seems like a logical choice given the above information, however, it's actually a little more difficult that it sounds. Here's why...they have to be dressed at a new place. This sounds ridiculous and completely absurd to those who have singletons, but follow me here. 
Most clothing changes would occur in the car, where one is contained in a car seat. I don't feel quite as out numbered when they aren't both roaming free in a situation like this. However, getting them dressed in the car means there is still a very good chance that they will still get dirty on the 10 yard walk to the front door of the studio. 
Dressing them once in the studio was the way we were going to do this, but this too is a little overwhelming.
Remember what I said about having two, two-year olds in a new place and them wanting to explore EVERYTHING?? Well, that's exactly what happened... 
When we walked in we were thankfully the only ones in the studio at the time besides the photographer and her assistant. They were so sweet and the photographer even helped me dress them! They both told me the they understood because they both had boys! Unless you are a mom of boys, you will never understand the peace that comes with another mom saying she has boys--unless she says she has twin boys--then we are friends for life! No joke. 

Things were going great for the first few minutes while in the office, until I was asked to fill out the release forms, aka letting go of their hands. They immediately took off into the photography studio, inspecting each prop, light, camera,  and then they found the bunnies in their kennel. I'm pretty sure, if they could have opened the latch themselves, they would've been in the kennel with them!! 

The assistant asked if I wanted to have photos with or without the bunnies. I immediately responded, "Are the bunnies safe with the boys? I'm afraid my boys will love on them just a little too much!"
I honestly had thought that I didn't want to have the bunnies in the photos but once I saw how excited they were over the bunnies, I knew we had to capture that moment!
Once the bunnies were in their hands, they hugged, kissed, snuggled and loved all over them. 
It was absolutely precious! 
They were so stinkin' proud of their new bunny friends! 
I'm so glad I didn't stick to my original plan of  "no bunnies". The boys really enjoyed them and I think it captures the boys personalities so much. 
And guess what?? The white shirts stayed white! And guess what else?? Had they not, that would've been okay too! After worrying myself to death on keeping them clean, in the end, that really mattered very little! Sometimes I stress about having everything "perfect". After seeing the photos and the joy on their little faces, I forgot all about their shirts! 
My boys are perfectly perfect and at the end of the day, that is ALL that matters!!

Photography by Pink Heart Photography

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