Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Put Me in the Zoo

Today was a beautiful spring day and a perfect day for the zoo. 
This is the second year of being zoo members and it's so cute to see how differently the boys respond to the zoo this year. Their personalities and vocabulary have changed so much and they are much more interactive with the exhibits.
It's so amazing how they remember which animal exhibit comes next. 
Their favorites are the Macaws, Gibbons, Kangaroos, Giraffes, Elephants and the Petting Zoo. 
We try to get to the zoo fairly early, take a packed lunch for a picnic and then head home after lunch, just in time for naps. We can usually cover most of the zoo in that amount of time. There are a few things that we do not get to do when it's just me and the boys, due to logistics, such as the Lorikeets and Aquarium/Reptile House. Those do not allow strollers in and it's difficult to safely watch the boys by myself. We just save those for special days when Daddy can join us.  
We still have a super fun day and I wouldn't trade these memories for the world. 
I feel so blessed to be able to stay home with these sweet guys and soak up all this fun while they are so little! 

Pretty sure these two are having a serious conversation.... 

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