About Me

Hi! I am Amy.
 I'm the blogger behind thebennettsblog.
I'm the wife of an amazingly handsome, patient, forgiving and loving husband.
I'm a mom of twin boys.
I'm "Monyay" to Hayes and "Ninny" to Parker.
I'm thankful Parker no longer calls me "da".
I'm a nurse turned stay-at-home mom.
I'm a baker and owner of Amelia's Cakery.
My given name was Amelia after my Great-Grandmother, Amelia Langotti. 
I've always been called Amy.
I was embarrassed, as a child, of "Amelia" because I didn't know anyone with that name. 
Today, I'm proud of my name and wished I'd always been called Amelia. 
I'm creative and crafty.
I like to sew.
I love Sweet Tea.
I'm addicted to chocolate chip cookies.
I'm honest to a fault and I rarely use my filter...I'm working on that. 
I've been told I have a "tone"... I'm working on that, too.
I never mean to have a "tone".
I'm broken and imperfect. 
I'm save by His grace and blessed that my Savior loves me, broken and all. 
I miss my family.
I love my sisters more than anyone has ever loved their sisters.  
Monograms make me happy.
My given initials were "ABC". 
I still can't believe I have a blonde haired little boy. 
I always dreamed of having twins. 
Breakfast is my favorite meal. I really like to eat it for dinner, but the hubby doesn't. 
We don't eat breakfast for dinner. 
I rarely make the bed, but hate climbing into bed with wonky sheets.
 I straighten the sheets before I climb into bed. If the hubby is already in bed, I straighten them with him in them.
I rarely miss an episode of Y&R. Thank goodness for DVR.
FRIENDS is my all-time favorite show.
I have battled infertility.
I'm a planner.
I wish was organized as I think I am... or plan to be.
I would love to have another set of twins.
I love my life and the people in it. 
I'm a Vols fan.
I love to cook. 
I'm thankful for hair dye and that I don't have to be my natural color, gray, quite yet. 
I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I would be a mom to boys.
Being a mom to boys is the best thing that could have ever happened to my heart.
I'm now the mom to another set of twins!! 
(I had no clue when I did the "about me" section years ago and mentioned that "I would love to have another set of twins", that I ever would!)
Blessed "Monya" to Nora, Sophia, Parker and Hayes!

This blog is ultimately for my boys, girls, and my family but so happy to share a little glimpse of our sometimes chaotic, always exciting, life with you! Grab a seat and stay a while!

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